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Posted by Tiltro - October 5th, 2021

Mushy was just a normal joe and went back to his lovely lover's Babestation in the neverending void now known as space. He's in love with a game console and can't believe it. Now that’s playing with power if you catch my drift. He used it to play Babe Solid and Resident Babe Evil for the Babestation for his own personal gain. But then his mischievous brother Tumpy who stubbed Mushy’s toes for a living grind in delight when he realized he glued a sledge hammer to his hands while snoozing.He said to himself “It’s time to get bruising”.Tumpy hated his brother since he was always hogging up the Babestation which means he hogged the only Babestation in the void and turned off the console when Tumpy started winning against him in Babe Team Racing.

 So Tumpy smashed Mushy’s hands with his mighty hammer so he wouldn’t be capable to play the Babestation but karma was setting in.Tumpy remembered he glued his hands onto the hammer and his big sticky,sweaty, hands couldn’t be released from the liquid chain called glue.Depression started to kick in for the both of them, they started crying and weeping salty tears and suddenly there was an ocean. They drowned in the ocean and sank to the bottom of the ocean. Suddenly their lifeless corpses transformed into beautiful islands with amoebas and parasite galore. Then the marvelous Babestation flew into the sky with a SRT TV intact. The SRT TV turned into the bright and blinding sun, it’s hotter than an oven in July. Then the Babestation turned into the mighty moon that brightens the night when the sun is visiting his family members during the nighttime.

The amebas and parasites turned into all types of creatures such as dinosaurs,mammals, reptiles, and human beings. The wires of the Babestations turned into plants,trees, and flowers. Then giant bees stung the ground and that created all the mountains and hills.Suddenly one tree grew Tumpy and Mushy back to life with the hammer still intact on Tumpys hand.They were alive and the tree sucked their life out of the islands into the tree for sustenance,Tumpy then created melting spray with the sun which wasn’t known as fire at the time. Then Mushy gave fire to the humans who lived on this little planet they accidentally created by lightning. This angered Tumpy and he stubbed Mushys toe viciously with anguish. Then he proceeded to throw rocks onto the planet which created a tsunami.

This was the only tsunami that has ever been recorded to be caused by rocks being thrown at a planet.This wiped out most of already existing life on the planet but life found away and it was everyone for themselves.Tumpy unintentionally made the first dark age with his tsunami which caused every sentient being to fear the death and suffering of life. It was the first time anyone or anything existed on the planet felt pain, it was like a kid touching a stove but had no explanation on why he got hurt. Mushy felt remorse for the living things and gave them special abilities but he couldn’t stop them from killing because Tumpy gave them free will without Mushy realizing it. The only thing he could do was to ask the living creatures to try eating fruits and vegetables and that created vegans and herbivores habits. But suddenly the oxygen levels started to decrease rapidly because everyone was eating vegetables and fruits.So some of the creatures ate meat and only meat to accommodate their lack of oxygen.

Mushy was disappointed at the world he co created but Tumpy thought it was just fine.Mushy requested a challenge to Tumpy, Tumpy was intrigued and said “Hmm i’m intrigued, what challenge shall we perform?” Then Mushy said “We’ll race down the highest mountain on this planet and whoever wins can do whatever to the planet, even name it!” Tumpy accepted his challenge. They met at the highest place on the planet and Mushy created potato sacks. This wasn’t any ordinary race, this was gunny sack racing. Mushy explained to Tumpy that “we shall both  race in the potato sack and if any of us refuses then we are cowards. Tumpy was getting a little nervous since he didn’t wanted to be regarded as such. 

They both waited till nightfall to race, when it became night and the sun was off the race was om. Both raced like their lives were on the line.They had to jump through cold rivers and spiky rocks. They jumped as high as a kangaroo and quick as a gazelle, it seemed like both of them were doing exceptionally and one couldn’t out match the other until it happened. While jumping up the mountain Tumpy slipped and plummeted to his death. Seems as if Mushy was the winner but alast Tumpy pulled him down with him to seal his fate. Both of them were dead and rumors have it that they both went their separate ways in the afterlife and both ran a bar that is still running till this day. Then every living thing gathered together and buried them back into the island so they could be reborn but it never happened. Maybe someday they’ll rise again  but now their final resting place is Mount Rushmore. They might even be the second coming of christ.


This is your reality face the facts



Posted by Tiltro - August 15th, 2021

Everyone wish happy birthday to the coolest lizard around @atreyugilbert, he's the neatest most powerful character in Wackyverse you ever done see. Whoever doesn't like Triothy should drink moist cement and dig a bloody ditch you wonker.Don't forget to get those crinkles out of the elderly with a steaming iron on the hip. I'll wave my finger between you're eyes if you don't. You will just make history, you just gotta believe!!!


The picture below




Posted by Tiltro - June 3rd, 2021

Sup fat stacks, what you didn’t invite me? No one is inviting to nothing I don’t put dirt in your pants like are they inbreds.Sorry for all the inbreds people out there I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Please I’m not ready to die. I’ve been doodling letters into words for cartoons what? Might make a funny video for gay month because gay people make me laugh hahaha lol. Happy national grandma day. Might post in like 3 days like art. I’m not lying I don’t think I don’t know who or what when who hay heiou. I’m busy being masculine with my family. Okay see yeah, I found a rock that looks like snoopy on his dog house. Also I wet to art muslim.I need to shave... I love NewGrounds. Stay away from that spares, he doesn’t wear shoes and steps on broken glass but he is funny and likes to sneeze in the mic on discord calls. Why is everyone so good at animating, they piss me off. Might delete this but mo one asked. I pissed in a lake today and was afraid a bug would crawl up my penis hole because there’s a bug that likes the smell of penis liquids because it smells like a fish mouth. Now I’m going to watch Baywatch. Glad Ritz is a emoji. Might not make the gay cartoon until next year I don’t know, I’ve been having another idea for a cartoon that I’m gonna make this summer.Now chow brown cow.

Art Muslim!! :O




Posted by Tiltro - August 31st, 2020

Tiltro here, and i'm here to tell you to watch a masterpiece of a toon simply called ''PeaSalad: prologue: episode1: chapter1" by Joe-Mega. It changed my life and it may in fact change yours.

Are those peas I smell...

PeaSalad: prologue: episode1: chapter1