I love reptiles and making cartoons. Also newgrounds is pretty neat.

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I’m Alive ( not clickbait)

Posted by Tiltro - June 3rd, 2021

Sup fat stacks, what you didn’t invite me? No one is inviting to nothing I don’t put dirt in your pants like are they inbreds.Sorry for all the inbreds people out there I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Please I’m not ready to die. I’ve been doodling letters into words for cartoons what? Might make a funny video for gay month because gay people make me laugh hahaha lol. Happy national grandma day. Might post in like 3 days like art. I’m not lying I don’t think I don’t know who or what when who hay heiou. I’m busy being masculine with my family. Okay see yeah, I found a rock that looks like snoopy on his dog house. Also I wet to art muslim.I need to shave... I love NewGrounds. Stay away from that spares, he doesn’t wear shoes and steps on broken glass but he is funny and likes to sneeze in the mic on discord calls. Why is everyone so good at animating, they piss me off. Might delete this but mo one asked. I pissed in a lake today and was afraid a bug would crawl up my penis hole because there’s a bug that likes the smell of penis liquids because it smells like a fish mouth. Now I’m going to watch Baywatch. Glad Ritz is a emoji. Might not make the gay cartoon until next year I don’t know, I’ve been having another idea for a cartoon that I’m gonna make this summer.Now chow brown cow.

Art Muslim!! :O






You going night night

I’m gonna take away ur tablet

Wow I cannot believe the amount of times they weren’t gone at the time of that one store they were going to the other day when I got some Chef Boy Ardee and a banana for 99 cents. Please gladly accept my fresh meat samples and I congratulate you on your achievements. Have a nice day broski!

Agree that I would be in the army right now if it wasn’t for you

I still don't know why you followed me man

@8BitAnt @Tiltro Yeah that and I’d be fixing the toiletry supplies as well as that brick manufacturing plant

Ah what do the kids say nowadays, is it milk caps? No no no, Uh….. oh boy!

Pregnant milk sacks

proud of u tiltro

I spill a glass of forks. Jack I love your game, the one you made.

Art Muslim

Predictive text has come a long way

uh yea nice virus bro kinda er yeah

I belief you

@GrayAnimations turn 18 so i can punch both of you

@XcorpzTheAlien @Tiltro idk I yelled that in a 7/11 parking lot i just got mugged

@Luis the law requires that I don’t agree with you threatening to punch kids but fuck the law I think you should do it for the prank

keep up the good work and eats your pancakes young man

I ate waffles for breakfast, pancakes are lovely doh. You are neat dude keep the music up.

That was far too much use of the letter E. You a bigot or sumthin?

I’m no bigot, I’m a pretty looney dude with a good attitude.

@XcorpzTheAlien they really are annoying.

u are a trippy guy

I think I have a alright balance haha see what I did there see what I did there see what I did there?