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Have fun in Japan

The best Magi cartoon yet.Very silly and the colors are pretty. The part I laughed at the most was the Chiaotzu mishap I did not see it coming. Also I think your style has improved a lot keep improving dawg. Hope you had a happy Halloween.

Keep winning the sea lions will be proud, your art is fun and pretty

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Is the room 3D? Also the debris in the bath tub got me confused at first. I had to play it again to understand what was happening, very cool way to tell a story. It seems like a begging of a horror movie.

kaiakairos responds:

tiltro !!!!!!

This is the game of the year really makes feel like a fish. I did not see that coming.

This game is kinda like a game I like it

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Sounds such of a spooktacular stroke of desert sand braising a haunted landscape of a rusty abounded mine of treachery and demise. Demise shall rise up for whom goes deeper and deeper in to the depths of mine or music this sounds like noise. I thought it was quite filling, I don’t know much about editing music but the tone and melody sounds mysterious, it is a basic melody but the different changes in the beginning in end are nice openers and closers. You kept it short so it didn’t get repetitive. Wow what a helpful review, sorry I don’t know what to say. I enjoyed it.

This is just noise

This sounds like young life camp but kinda cooler and less repetitive.It sounds pretty though

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The crew on a rambunctious evening stroll ready to mow down the windows smashing every window limb by limb brick by brick. The modern pirates of the 20 first century rendering peoples heads bald. You mess with they/them, they/them messes with you. That's tough and we like it tough. Like they always say go big or go homosexual.

delicioso looking divine cooking, a dealting of chirro on ones brain can make a man go loco. Have you ever seen a restraint of such stature? This art is pretty. I've never seen a Abelardo's before until now. I usually eat at Filberto's which is delicious but every time I have it my teeth reek.

you weren't telling a fib this is real, very nice walk cycle

I love reptiles and making cartoons. Also newgrounds is pretty neat.

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