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Look what the cat dragged in.Glad to see you're still breathing champ. The cartoon looks very pretty with the backgrounds having lots of detail and great color choices. The blue maniac flows like water like a piss bed full of unmentionables formulating a groove, what a great work ethic.

What's this song it sounds familiar from an old game I used to play? Also this looks killa

JPiXeLAnimations responds:

thanks, also i mixed the music myself in OpenMPT

Not as good as president worm but it does break down the human condition really. This video will be the OKAY heard around the world. This cartoon is a funny factory, your cartoons are neat and I hope you keep making more.

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This game is kinda like a game I like it

This is a really pretty and charming game, good on you and I hope you improve more and more on you're magical coding powers. Now that's playing with power. I feel like the enemies took to long to defeat by I'm a picky pepper.Kobolds are rad and tomato's game be yummy, I ate one on the ground at some farm it was sweat.

Roksim responds:

Heck yas I love tomatoes too!! Yaa I wanted the enemies to be a bit beefy so you can smack them around like in a fighting game, you can do a cool thing by like using the Jump Attack to keep them in the air like in Castle Crashers sorta!

This game smells like a bulldozer, the style is neat but this thing is busted and bruised like a wife who made the wrong decisions on marring a gorilla sized husband who has the neanderthal mindset minus 50.The cat looks pretty neat, I like the concept of collecting things for good use, sounds like a concept. This game got bugs, I clip though walls bathroom stalls you name it. That lava didn't do nothing, I thought I was going to be a sirloin steak when I jumped in the lava but I guess that's not the case. Commendable that you made a game, it's better then what I can't make and I hope you can improve your craft later on. Also take some adderall once in a while, peppers can't kill peppers! What are you on? crazy pills? Love your art um see you later pops unless your old chow gourmet.Don't take adderall unless your allergic or the opposite.

Edit. Ouch, school smells like Lake Titicaca. Sorry about that.

snailpirate responds:

Oh yeah this game is shit. Was just for a school project and half my team ditched it halfway through the semester so it’s a bit broken. I just wanted to upload to Ng because why not. Appreciate the review tho

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Sounds such of a spooktacular stroke of desert sand braising a haunted landscape of a rusty abounded mine of treachery and demise. Demise shall rise up for whom goes deeper and deeper in to the depths of mine or music this sounds like noise. I thought it was quite filling, I don’t know much about editing music but the tone and melody sounds mysterious, it is a basic melody but the different changes in the beginning in end are nice openers and closers. You kept it short so it didn’t get repetitive. Wow what a helpful review, sorry I don’t know what to say. I enjoyed it.

This is just noise

This sounds like young life camp but kinda cooler and less repetitive.It sounds pretty though

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I thought you were way older then this, happy birthday yo. Also this looks pretty neato

Quimby Alfredo Henry you are sketchy when it comes to sketches that look pretty nice. The first and third are my favorite. Keep ruling the world don’t be a dodo.

HenryEYES responds:

I'll keep ruling, L to the dodos for dying out

The pupils look like sesame seeds and the hair looks groovy, good color choices friendo

Linethickness responds:


I love reptiles and making cartoons. Also newgrounds is pretty neat.

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