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This is better then butter bread, congrats you get a new car. The fight looks really cool with all the fast changes of the scenes, how the camera moves, and the animation itself is really good. Tico Tico is cool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RJtJmWVMr4

Get rid of test in the title or someone will blam it but this looks good

Are you trying to damage peoples cerebrums, call it a hunch but I learned absolutely NOTHING!!! FROM THIS!! All she did is look at her hands while she turns into a living breathing humidifier. That's like congratulating me that my palms are sweating like a dang old dog. my teeth are clenching like a hydraulic press. My hand are shacking and I'm blinded but my earnest rage. Another thing, her mouth aunt moving so is she talking form her third stomach because she's a cow with one crushable head. She looks like a dang old goomba. Bing did not learn a ounce of anything in her entire time I've seen her on screen and I think it should be mandatory to tell her that before you got to work. This stupid my brain is numb have a good day I guess.

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The music is impressive

This update is pretty sweet

needs more mmm balls

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Cool music and I like the description

Syntrus responds:

Thanks Tiltro

This sucks hard rocks, why don't you make a tree before I made one for you unless your chicken.Ahhh!! You sleepwalk, I hate people who sleep walk. Don't show your face around these parts again unless you want to get pounded.

Edit: Alright but if I see you doing that again then lights out. It's past bed time go to bed!!

heyopc responds:

tiltro my buddy i apologize for sleep walking!!

I could definitely see your music in a fighting game, that would flipping be toots ma goots rad. The only problem I have about most of your music is that it gets annoying at a period of time with the repeating sounds, sure a song can get graining when listening to it for a couple of times but the rapid repeating noises just gets obnoxious in your neat tunes. With all the noise noise noise, your like a gosh dang Whovillian making all that noise!!Maybe I'm just a Grinch. But call it hunch I think it's that or the songs are to long. I can take your songs in large gulps but to much gulps and I'm about to piss gravel and I mean straight from the depths. But it does sound nice, the rhythm and the sounding sounds that sound likes sounds are nice so keep that up. On this one regard you are a talented person and I hope you improve in the future. Glad people still enjoy your music because you got the touch you got the POWER!!!I love the funky ness of your stuff though. I don't know and I'm sorry if I seem harsh just my senses are tingling. Space Dandy is cool.Also this song is pretty neato burrito https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cj9wkNnFfGA

Edit: Yeh, maybe I'll get used to it though. Party games, disco, uhh roller skate game with jet set radio, 720, umm tony hawk pro skater sorta. I don't know these things kinda remind me of your stuff sometimes. I still apricate of what it is and I can still get enjoy mint from it mmmm mint. Another cool song that is kinda groneing but like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tz8HmN2uvuk

milkypossum responds:

that's fair haha, I personally enjoy repetition in samples and motifs so its def more of a stylistic preference. A lot of the music that inspired me have similar repetition that gets slowly built upon and I love shit like that hehe. def not for everyone tho

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Gracias amigo, you are one great lad

Figueroa Figueroa Figueroa Fiiiiiiggguuuerrrroooooooooooooooooooooooaa! Thanks Sage, you are top 10 best brains in the worlds. I would like to drain her pipes if you just kidding guys i'm just kidding. Thanks Stagger, I'm glad newgrounds is a thing because my life would be a lil more less fun if it didn't exist. Made to many good pals.I need to do more with these guys .

Thank you Daemon, I'm glad you gave him some Guinness to gulp down that cigar. I don’t know what to do right now but look at this. Thanks for this rad painting. God bless us everyone.

I love reptiles and making cartoons. Also newgrounds is pretty neat.
@RGPAnims did the big words.

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